To You, The Adventurer Whose Eyeballs Are Gracing This Page.

We almost can't believe you're here. When this idea was but a wee idea, we couldn't even imagine the adventure we'd be on together. But now we're all here, and it's with our deepest and humblest selves that we welcome you and say, warmly and sincerely: we love you. Thank you. Welcome to our maiden voyage!

We wanted something akin to "hello, world." Or at least Ali did. But we knew, collectively and at once, that it somehow wasn't quite right. So we began making a list. A list of things that had beginnings, that evolved into something beautiful. There were many—way too many—discussions about butterflies. Then Sarah grew tired of butterflies and googled monomyth, coming across The Hero with a Thousand Faces and we all just knew. In an instant. This was our Call to Adventure as literary humans. Our ship should be thusly named.

The authors and artists who submitted work brought the adventure—adventure beyond our wildest dreams. Hannah Brush, our talented cover artist, sets the tone with a wild motorbike chase. Stefana McClure lures us down the rabbit hole, into Wonderland and into her studio; Ranger draws us our map to get there; Jonathan Mack takes us across the globe, and Stacy Brewster takes us on the water. And along the way, authors including Laura Krughoff, Mandy Gutmann-Gonzalez, Sarah Maria Medina, and so many more twist and turn us with beautiful, delicious words.

So here we are, setting sail, adventuring into the unknown together. We couldn’t have asked for a better crew of sailors with us on this voyage.

There are a few different ways to experience Magazine's first online issue—we've taken great care to create a journey for you, so you can always read and enjoy cover-to-cover by clicking the links in the bottom right corner of each page. But the beaten path isn't for everyone, as any good adventurer should know—feel free to return to The Call to Adventure's rather unique Table of Contents and click whatever square strikes your fancy, along the lines of the great literary genre of fifth grade, the "choose your own adventure." If you're only in it for the poetry, feel free to explore the green squares. Fiction, you'll find under grey. Non-fiction, red; and visual arts, light blue. 

Warmest writing and happy reading,