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Work By Our Contributors

We've got some pretty spectacular creators in this issue. If you're as obsessed with them as Team is, you'll enjoy their other work as much as we have!

Laura Krughoff’s My Brother’s Name is a beautifully written and eerie novel about identity-slippage. At first you notice the story’s memorable strangeness, and then you think: No, this could happen to anybody.
— Charles Baxter, author of The Soul Thief
90's Deer  by our cover artist, Hannah Brush. Check out her store!

90's Deer  by our cover artist, Hannah Brush. Check out her store!

What We're Reading

Just in case you're finished reading and looking for more, here's what the editorial team is digesting with our eyeballs. Could be queer, might not be, but it's certainly good enough that we didn't put it down.

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