Thank You To Those Who Worked on Issue # 1

We’d just like to take a teeny tiny spontaneous moment to thank all of those who have helped us get here. We can’t take even half of the credit for getting our first issue out, and there have been so many kind and generous people holding our hand along the way.

Many, many thanks to Lauren Cerand, who encouraged us to start our own damn publication, and to Trisha and Julie at CLMP, who have gotten us to a level of legitimacy we’d only dreamed of achieving this early on.

Thank you Daniel Shannon, for the world’s most wonderful submissions system, and Carolyn Yates, for copy editing our words to make us seem a lot smarter than we really are.

And another thank you to Carolyn Yates, as well as Madeline Shields, for your seriously impressive InDesign expertise and layout assistance.

Deep sympathies to our partners for enduring it all with us, and huge thanks to the senior editors at Autostraddle for supporting us and being excited for us along the way.

Last but not least, thank you to everyone who has submitted their work to us so far. We know it’s hard to put yourself out there, and we’re excited beyond belief that you have trusted us from the beginning.

And Thank You To Our Fabulous, Fairy God Donors

Please note, these donors have donated $10 or more, but donations of all sizes are always appreciated!

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